Current party positions on education

This section focuses on the current education polices of the leading political parties in the UK.

You could begin thinking about politics in education with a pre-assessment of what learners know. This could consist of questions about the names of the party leaders, the differences between the House of Commons and House of Lords and perhaps a ‘categorisation’ task of matching current MPs to the party they are a member of. This is helpful as you have a starting point for learner knowledge.

After doing this, Parliament’s page has the names and links to the websites of the different political parties. Again, it will be interesting to know which ones they are aware of and what they know about them.

Discover More Political parties in Parliament

The class could be split into groups to research the current proposals from their party to summarise for the rest of the class. This is a good time to make a link to media bias, so remind learners about media ownership and why it’s important that we are aware of this. A helpful report and summary can be found here:

Discover More New Report: Who Owns the UK Media in 2019?

An extension task that could be set from this is to figure out a way of cross-referencing positive and negative coverage of parties and their policies/leaders/MPs to different media outlets

Party websites can be found here:


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